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Bangalore Open Air 2012: Live @ Acharya Institute Of Technology(Bangalore)

It was the 16th of June, 2012, and a real long journey from Kolkata to Bangalore, and truckloads of anticipation later, I was finally on my way to cover the super-massive Bangalore Open Air. The cool, moist mid-June breeze of Bangalore could in no way dampen the spirits of me, and the several other metalheads from all over the country, who were flocking in to witness the biggest Metal fest in India. Through the busy streets of Bangalore, at the northern end of the city, guided by road indicator boards carrying Kreator and Suidakra pictures, I finally reached Acharya Institute of Technology, the venue. As I stood there in front of the main entrance and called up Paricshith, one of the main organizers and my contact person, I could feel the momentum building among the black-teed people. Yeah, it was easy locating him because of his blue tee!

Heathen Beast-The Drowning Of The Elephant God(E.P)

Okay, you don’t expect a band from Mumbai to come out with an E.P called "The Drowning Of The Elephant God". But guess what, Heathen Beast has done just that and they have undoubtedly succeeded in getting their point across. Their pro-human and anti-God philosophy is pretty evident from the record, as the lyrics range right from the ill-effects of man-made religions, to man-made disasters and the inherent cruelty in human nature. A follow-up to their hugely successful E.P "Ayodhya Burns", that came out in 2010, "The Drowning Of The Elephant God" does as much in dismissing the existence and powers of God, and emphasizes that all occurrences in this world are brought about my man himself.

Nolan Lewis Talks About Kryptos Journey, BOA & More

Nolan Lewis Kryptos BOA Interview 2

Formed in as early as 1998, "Kryptos" is perhaps the only true to the bone Thrash Metal band in India. Though the sound of the band borders on Melodic Metal to some extent, the main essence is that of 1980’s kick in the ass Thrash Metal. Conceived in Bangalore by vocalist/guitarist Nolan Lewis and Ganesh K (ex-vocalist/bassist), the band has released three hugely acclaimed albums till date. "Spiral Ascent" in 2004, "The Ark Of Gemini" in 2008 and the more recent "The Coils Of Apollyon" in February 2012. Their debut album was not only a rage in the Indian Underground, but also spread to U.S and parts of Europe, thus resulting in signing a deal with Old School Metal Records (California, U.S) in 2008.

1833 AD Discusses Their New Album, Black Metal & More

1833 AD Interview IMR 2012

India’s pioneering Black Metal act, 1833 AD is on the verge of releasing their first full-length studio album, "My Dark Symphony". The band has gained huge numbers of followers, and garnered accolades from musicians and critics alike, since it’s formation in 2004. The Delhi based quartet comprises of Nishant Varghese on vocals and guitars, Rahul Mehalwal on guitars, Sushmit Mazumdar on bass and Raghav Sehgal on drums.

Solar Deity-In The Name Of Satan

Black Metal is a genre which has still not gained mass acceptance in India. Considering this, "Solar Deity", in the form of Aditya Mehta and Yash Pathak of "Exhumation" fame, has taken a daring step, and the outcome has been worth the risk. The Mumbai, Maharashtra based duo have come out with their debut, titled "In The Name Of Satan", which, as the name screams, is an out and out Black Metal album.

Advaita-The Silent Sea

Since it's inception in 2004, ADVAITA, meaning "non-duality", has been breaking new grounds with their brand of fusion music. It is their able mixture of Hindustani Classical with elements of Rock, Lounge and Electronica, that gives this Delhi based octet, an edge over their contemporaries. Their first album, GROUNDED IN SPACE, released in 2009, and made the Indian Underground as well as the International scene, sit up and take notice.

Ifty Sarwar Discusses Debut E.P, Black Metal & More!

Insane Prophecy Ifty Interview IMR

North-East India's Black Metal spearheads, INSANE PROPHECY are the talk of the town again. Since their formation in the year 2008, they have been constantly in the public eye, be it for their revolutionary lyrics or their line-up changes.

With their debut EP, APOGEE OF AN INQUISITION out, the band is hogging huge amounts of cyberspace as well as claiming their place in every metalhead's playlist. So we caught up with Ifty Sarwar to know more about their journey as a band, how they've been witness to the changing music scenario, their philosophy and their much talked Black Metal lyrical themes.

IMR: Hails Ifty! I know, you guys must be really busy with the release of the band’s debut material, isn't it? But before we proceed, I was just curious to know about the Black Metal Krieg II gig that happened at B69?
Ifty Sarwar: Well playing at Black Metal Krieg II was a cool experience. It was our first gig in Mumbai where we got to share the stage with some of the finest Black Metal acts from India and Sri Lanka. We’ve released our debut gig out there and the response was great.

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