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Dipankar Mazumdar

Dipankar Mazumdar

Cialis Prescription Australia I am pursuing my Computer Science and engineering degree from JEC,Assam. I have been related with the musical scenario here in North East region specially Guwahati, for a long time. Besides, the academics, music journalism has always been a prioritised hobby for me. I have been writing in many metal music portals in NE region, and also a regional magazine.  My interests in genres covers, Heavy, 80’s rock, metalcore, death,progressive, neo-classical heavy metal and experiments of thrash!

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Arihant-Self-Hatred Single Review

Arihant Self Hatred

Guwahati, Assam based three piece Experimental Death Metal outfit, ARIHANT represents ‘Destroyer of enemies as a sign of brutality’. A blend of Technical Death Metal garnished with Modern Death Metal, ARIHANT is a complete sheaf of the Brutal/Death Metal act! Started by Angshuman Hazarika(Drummer) and Pikashu(former Guitarist), the band started playing brutal stuffs and went on exploring Extreme Metal. With a new line-up on May 2011, they released their first single SELF-HATRED on June 2011. The present line-up’s are: Rituraj (Vocals/Bass), Bhaskar (Guitars) and Angshuman(Drums).

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