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Bryan Munzey

Bryan Munzey

Graduated from Delhi University, post that caught up in the corporate rat race for the last two years. Plays guitar and was active in the college scene, worships Slash and old G'n'R. Loves Classic Rock, Grunge and Metalcore. Spends a considerable part of the day listening to music and believes in the Indian Rock scene.

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The Guns 'N' Roses Experience On 12-12-12(Leisure Valley, Gurgaon)

I was skeptical as I entered the barren patch of land in Gurgaon called Leisure Valley. The familiar surroundings did not instill much excitement and on the contrary was a constant reminder of the Metallica fiasco 14 months ago. Seeing a strong police team and hoards of Kyazoonga (the ticket partners) volunteers was something that wasn’t present last time around, and was slightly reassuring.

Matchbox Twenty-North

The 4 piece outfit from Orlando is back with their fourth studio album and continues to impress with their brand of Pop Rock. The band released their last full studio album in 2002, went into hiatus, released their best hits compilation and is now back sounding as crisp as ever.

Mark Tremonti-You Waste Your Time

Mark Tremonti You Waste Your Time Review

Guitarists no longer are content with handling guitar duties in a famous band, selling millions of records and filling stadiums all around the world. Their personal expression may sometimes be lost in catering to the needs of the band and keeping the bigger picture in mind. Pent up ideas, expressions and musical themes manifest itself in an album - a solo album. An album in which no compromise is made and is the brainchild of one person alone.

Slash-Apocalyptic Love

Described very aptly as the last "rock mongrel" of the Hard Rock era, Slash’s follow up to his solo endeavor is an all out ballsy and hard hitting, Classic Rock record. Those familiar with his work from the early days of "Guns 'N' Roses" to "Snakepit" to "Velvet Revolver" would know that the man keeps things simple. A singable riff, an anthemic chorus and a blistering Blues/Rock solo about three fourths into the song is the formula that has worked and worked splendidly in his 20 year odd career.

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